Are You Tapping in to the Content Marketing Explosion?

As Mashable and others say, we're in the midst of a "content marketing explosion." If you haven't heard of the phrase "content marketing," know that it's the new buzz term used by marketers and writers (me included). It's been around long enough to be in Wikipedia, but it hasn't made it to the dictionary yet. And it describes a strategy that's both old and new.

It's about creating and sharing content to promote your brand. What's new about this is that we now have more tools for sharing content than ever before. It's safe to say the entire online culture is now about sharing content (written, visual or oral).

As a business owner or marketer, you need to tap into that culture if you want to gain new business online.

Market your existing content and make it shareable

Here are just a few ideas...

  • Turn your case studies into slide presentations, videos or both.
  • Make your  data visual with an infographic (like the example below).
  • Turn your blog tips into an ebook.
  • Transcribe your email newsletter and make it an audio podcast.
  • Promote your research report, and your expertise, through a webinar.

There are no limits to the creative tactics for marketing content online. Read on for more insight below and let me know if you need help with ideas!  Thanks goes to Blue Glass Interactive for the infographic.

Created by BlueGlass Interactive


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