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Are You Tapping in to the Content Marketing Explosion?

As Mashable and others say, we’re in the midst of a “content marketing explosion.” If you haven’t heard of the phrase “content marketing,” know that it’s the new buzz term used by marketers and writers (me included). It’s been around long enough to be in Wikipedia, but it hasn’t made it to the dictionary yet. [...]

WordCamp Miami: You’re a Publisher Now. Start Thinking Like One

WordCamp Miami 2011 offered some great sessions on developing and marketing WordPress blogs. I had fun, took lots notes and heard some great speakers. Here are a few of their tips… You’re a publisher now. Start thinking like one. When writing remember… General is boring. Specific is interesting Keep it short (300 to 500 words) [...]

Going WordCamping at WordCamp Miami 2011

OK, so “WordCamping” might not be a real word, but it should be! If you use WordPress blogs, you may have heard about WordCamp Miami 2011. It’s a one-day conference on everything WordPress. It’s held every year, but this will be my first time attending. I’m really looking forward to it, although I wish I [...]

Do you Market Your Brand Like Lady Gaga?

Love her or hate her, you have to admit Lady Gaga knows how to get attention. Yes, the meat shoes and crazy outfits are part of it, but if you look beyond that you’ll notice some deliberate choices that also keep her in the spotlight. Some of these involve smart marketing decisions that can be [...]

How to Get Kick-Butt Testimonials

How often do you ask for a testimonial from a client and get something like this? “Bob and his team at ABC Contracting were fabulous. We had a great experience and look forward to working with them again.” Many people would be happy with this testimonial. My opinion? It doesn’t suck, but it could be [...]