I went to another local conference: SheCon, the New Media Expo. While it wasn’t solely for women, there was a lot of She power at SheCon. It was great meeting so many female bloggers and business owners who were focused on making a living online.

Let’s not forget some great speakers, including…

  • Guy Kawasaki, who spoke about the art of enchantment, the subject of his new book
  • Aliza Sherman, who definitely knows how to enchant and who spoke about the future of technology
  • Missy Ward, who offered a ton of affiliate marketing advice and a few free tickets to Affiliate Summit, the conference she co-founded
  • Mark Horvath, who inspired us (and almost made me cry) with his story about how his has helped the homeless
  • Many other session speakers who spoke about writing, marketing, monetization, PR, social media and more
Guy Kawasaki at SheCon
Guy Kawasaki getting interviewed by CBS 4 News

A few of my favorite tips…

  • “Sell your dream.” Steve Jobs doesn’t sell the iPhone by talking about software, service, etc. He sells the dream. – Guy Kawasaki
  • I see Twitter as a “link economy” and Facebook as a “photo economy.” I push with links on Twitter and pull with photos on Facebook. – Guy Kawasaki
  • Remove speed bumps that will hamper the buying process. Captcha forms, for example, are a good way to lose customers from your site. – Guy Kawasaki
  • Add personality to your blog. – Karen of
  • Videos and video blogging can help you gain visibility in Google. Optimize your videos to appear in Google results. – Murray Izenwasser of Biztegra
  • Authenticity has replaced production value when it comes to video online. – Mark Horvath
  • Enhance the visitor’s experience. Don’t use something because it’s trendy. Add something more. – Aliza Sherman
  • Blogger reliability is an issue for sponsor companies that work with blogs. Make sure you follow through on your commitments to them. – Stephanie Azzarone of Mom Market Trends
  • The keys to getting more social clicks: a good headline, a good thumbnail image and the time of day posted. – Founders of
De WafelBakkers at SheCon
Thanks for the bag De WafelBakkers! Love the LED belt!


The networking was fun too and was spiced with stories from the out-of-town ladies about singing Karaoke with Serena Williams and taking photos of a Lindsay Lohan photoshoot. Only in South Beach! The last one was from Laura, who has a great blog to promote awareness of Spina Bifida.

I had fun SheCon. Thanks!


WordCamp Miami 2011

WordCamp Miami 2011 offered some great sessions on developing and marketing WordPress blogs. I had fun, took lots notes and heard some great speakers. Here are a few of their tips…

You’re a publisher now. Start thinking like one.

When writing remember…

  • General is boring. Specific is interesting
  • Keep it short (300 to 500 words)
  • Read it aloud before posting
  • Tweak it for SEO
  • Use catchy headlines

- Maria de los Angeles in Blogging 101

WordPress isn’t just for personal blogs.

It’s a powerful platform. Great examples:

- Adam Warner in Introduction to WordPress

Most businesses fail to identify their customers.

Spend more time identifying your online customer and they will spend more time buying.

- Dezmon Landers in Steroid Marketing for WordPress

A few recommended WordPress plugins:

- From “Plugins Even Charlie Sheen Would Love”

The 3 questions you should ask about your site:

  1. How is the site attracting customers?
  2. How is it converting prospects into buyers?
  3. How is it building relationships and maximizing value over time?

- Klaus Heesch in Live WordPress Site Review


It was a great experience and I’d recommend going next year if you’re interested in using WordPress. See some of the slides and video presentations at the WordCamp Miami site.



WordCamp Miami 2011

OK, so "WordCamping" might not be a real word, but it should be! If you use WordPress blogs, you may have heard about WordCamp Miami 2011. It's a one-day conference on everything WordPress. It's held every year, but this will be my first time attending.

I'm really looking forward to it, although I wish I could clone myself to catch all of the sessions I want to see.  Here are a few...

  • Steroid Marketing for WordPress by Dezmon Landers
  • WordPress & SEO by local SEO John Carcutt
  • Building a Community Around Your Blog by Brenden Sera-Shriar
  • Building a Business with WordPress by local web strategist Brian Breslin
  • Reaching Multi-Cultural Audiences with Your Blog by Jhonatan Castaneda

Keep on eye out for my next few blog posts as I'm sure I'll have many blogging tips to share!

Going to WordCamp Miami? Make sure to say hi!