So you want writing that gets results?

Get image-building copy from a writer with a creative spark and a bottom-line focus

While I like to think I’m clever, it’s my clients who deserve that title. Why? Because they know what a freelance copywriter and consultant can add to any project—new ideas, a laser focus and sharp copy. Most of all, they get results.

Do you want results?

  • Need copy written by an experienced freelance copywriter?
  • Don’t have the in-house staff to fill your varied needs?
  • Want project deadlines met, without affecting your own work flow?
  • Want to increase your team size, not your payroll?

I can help improve results for your advertising, marketing or public relations projects. My name is Barbara Chaney and I’m a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant. If you need a copywriter, you’ll get persuasive copy to engage your audience and compel action. If you need a marketing consultant, you’ll get resourceful ideas for a solid marketing strategy. Everything is custom-tailored for you too, which means no cookie-cutter plans or stale copy.

Get targeted work from a professional who knows the needs of a competitive business. Whether you’re in my Miami neighborhood or across the globe, your work will be on time, on budget and on message. In the end, you’ll not only look clever with my copy, you’ll sell with it too.

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